Part Time Salesperson

Looking for a part-time job with highly-flexible schedule and the freedom of being fully remote? Our growing Santa Monica-based startup is hiring an enthusiastic, passionate salesperson with commission-based compensation. Those with at least 1-year experience in high-end sales and/or customer service and an interest in increasing educational opportunities for college-bound students should apply. We’re looking for highly-driven, organized, tech-obsessed team players who love communicating, building relations, and promoting products!


  • On-boarding new clients
  • Closing the sale of college counseling hourly packages


  • Commission-based compensation of an estimated $25,000 over a 6-month admission season
  • Highly flexible schedule (set your own hours!) and automated working environment at an early stage ed/tech startup with a socially responsible mission
  • Prioritized opportunity of a full time salaried + commission outreach/partnerships/marketing position
  • A fun, purpose-driven, personal-growth-obsessed team to support you every step of the way


  • Must be able to work independently from home (all processes are done through our online platform and email)
  • Must attend training sessions to learn about all of our services, brand values, and coaches (will be compensated at a competitive hourly rate for all training sessions)
  • Must be able to work at least 5 hours per week
  • At least one year sales experience
  • Competitive drive and demonstrated entrepreneurial confidence to succeed in a commission-based environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skill and organizational skill
  • Proficiency using Google Drive and Zoom Video Conferencing software, managing iCal, and performing basic online functions
  • An interest in education is a plus