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who we are


SeekU is a members-only studio for college bound students. Designed with self discovery in mind, our 1700 square foot loft is a unique workspace for high schoolers to explore who they are, find where they want to go, and learn how to get there.

Our members have not only gained acceptance to elite universities including Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford, they’ve also emerged with the self awareness and confidence to achieve their highest potential in all aspects of life.

Through mentorship and small-group classes, we help our members uncover the unique and authentic aspects of their personalities, devise a plan to foster and develop those strengths, and make their college applications extraordinary.


why join seeku?


the space

Our amenity rich studio sits in the heart of Santa Monica, seven blocks from the ocean with mountain, sea, and city views that can motivate even the most apathetic teen. Indoor and outdoor space offers multiple learning zones with workstations to fit any students' learning style.

the system

Our hourly small-group classes integrate college admissions counseling, life coaching, and personal brand building. We inspire our members to take on innovative projects and leadership roles to help them stand out, while providing the mentorship they need to excel. Surrounded by other college-bound peers, SeekU members not only benefit from unparalleled expertise, but a supportive community as well.

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the secret

Developed by researchers at UCLA's Graduate School of Education with over 8 years of experience working 1-on-1 with students, SeekU's methodology is the first of its kind. We assess students' profiles, help them navigate the admissions process, and support them in crafting fresh, stand-out applications.


student success



most importantly, all seeku members ENROLL AT THE SCHOOLS THAT ARE BEST FOR THEM.


where will your seeking take you?


With a 98% success rate, SeekU students not only get into their dream schools, but thrive there.






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